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The Future.
A project led by John McDonnell
We can’t go back to an economy that fails to meet our basic needs and puts our future at risk.
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The pandemic has shown how much we care for each other and how much we need each other.

The pandemic has also exposed the faults in our economy and society.

Ten years of austerity have left our public services shockingly ill-equipped to cope. Wage freezes, insecure work and lack of employment rights have left people facing hardship and an uncertain future.

We can’t go back to an economy that fails to meet our basic needs and puts our future at risk. We're not going back. But where are we going?

What do we want? For our planet. For our communities. For our future.

If we don't answer this question, it will be answered for us and blame shifted from the powerful to the powerless.

We must reflect and reset: strategise, organise and assemble collective power.

Together we must Claim The Future.

This project puts together a set of the solutions needed to reframe our economy and brings people together to secure change.

Join us.

Join to shape a future that works for all of us.

We're bringing together activists, policy experts, campaigning organisations and movements to Claim The Future – united behind a radical and optimistic vision of what we can build together.

We don’t want a return to normal. We don't want to to build back or go back. That system is broken.

We want to Claim The Future. Together.

Join us to help us shape the alternative, either as an individual or an organisation.

We'll keep you up to date about upcoming campaigns, discussions and publications.

Claim The Future is a people-powered movement.

We rely on your support to make this project happen. Please give if you are able.

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7pm, 22.07.20Event
Claim The Future - The Launch
Claim the Future launch with Joseph Stiglitz, Jayati Ghosh, Asad Rehman and Tina Ngata, live on Zoom.
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