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We're bringing together activists, policy experts, campaigning organisations and movements to Claim The Future – united behind a radical and optimistic vision of what we can build together.

We don’t want a return to normal. We don't want to to build back or go back. That system is broken.

We want to Claim The Future. Together.

Join us to help us shape the alternative, either as an individual or an organisation. We'll keep you up to date about upcoming campaigns, discussions and publications.

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4pm, 25.03.21Event
Radicalising the British State (3) - Campaigning for a Progressive Federalism
Our third and final session bringing together politicians, academics and campaigners from Scotland, Wales & the Regions of England to discuss bringing real power to the people.
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4pm, 13.03.21Event
Claim Central Lancashire's Future
Set policy and campaign priorities for Central Lancashire post-Covid, with Matt Brown, Ian Hodson, Zarah Sultana and more.
6pm, 04.03.21Event
Joseph Stiglitz and Kate Pickett: what to make of the 2021 Budget?
Join John McDonnell and two prize-winning analysts to discuss the 2021 UK Budget.
4pm, 27.02.21Event
Claim Colne Valley's Future
How can we claim Colne Valley's future after the pandemic? Discuss the way forward with John McDonnell, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Ian Byrne & more.